Built on driving results and putting clients first.

Sandhill is a firm committed to excellence and results for our clients.  What started as a small team of research professionals in 2004 has grown into a firm delivering best-in-class results and managing over $1.15 billion in client assets.

Sandhill was built with the intention of producing results that outperform benchmarks and putting clients first. Our extraordinary client base is comprised of individuals, families, corporations, and foundations.

With a defined and repeatable investment process, Sandhill is always careful with client capital.  While it is important to earn a healthy return, we never lose sight of our responsibilities of prudence and principal protection.

Sandhill takes a long-term and thoughtful view when deploying capital.  We often spend many months studying a potential company – paying close attention to how free cash flow is allocated by management.  We look for businesses with structural economic advantage that can be exploited over long periods of time.

Our Edge

Original thinking and attention to detail are what differentiates good from great investors. At Sandhill, we have developed a distinctive approach to managing investments. We adhere to a defined and repeatable process through up and down markets. This discipline, along with an intentional focus on our clients' needs has generated a culture that has defined our company.

Edwin (Tim) Johnston and Richard Ryskalczyk lead the research team at Sandhill and have established a defined and repeatable investment process. They begin with a thematic approach to global trends and then search for the best in class companies that are in a position to benefit from these themes. Together with the investment committee, they leverage experience and years of investment continuity to deeply understand the operating and economic characteristics of our portfolio companies.

Our relationship management team utilizes the strength of our investment products in designing an ideal asset allocation. Through frequent client communication, we understand what matters most and make sure our decisions are well thought out and suitable.

At Sandhill, we do all of our own research. Our investment process begins with seeking out long-term trends and global themes. We then drill down to the franchise companies that are best in class and take the time necessary to understand their business models. We go beyond traditional financial metrics and get to know the executive teams that are responsible for critical decision making. Our research process exercises patience and focuses on a multi-year time horizon that looks past short-term market volatility.

Our team works hard to achieve meaningful risk adjusted return for our clients. While it is common to see strategies that employ increased risk to achieve increased return, our objective is to maximize returns while minimizing risk. We believe that asset quality – or lack thereof – is the biggest contributor to risk.

Preserving client capital is a cornerstone of our investment process. By having an internal research team focused on our holdings, we know what we own. Our emphasis on strong balance sheets and free cash flow generation ensures your capital is prudently invested.

Our portfolios have a multi-year time horizon and are tax efficient by design. Tax implications are always discussed prior to constructing a portfolio as we focus on maximizing after-tax return for our clients.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Integrity – We will do what we say we are going to do and put the client first.

Prudence – We will do the research necessary to make sound investment decisions and increase our clients’ wealth over time.

Service – We will communicate regularly with our clients, while being responsive and available.

Communication – We will make our investment process clear so that our clients will be well informed of our actions.

Honesty – We will present our performance and fees with the utmost transparency.

Excellence – Whether in our operations, research or relationship management teams, we will recruit and train best-in-class people and deliver an experience designed to exceed expectations.

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